FX Bricks – R72 & R88 Curved Track

It is difficult to contain our excitement. We took the plunge and purchased some excellent quality metal clad LEGO compatible track from Michael Gale at FX Bricks. As a club, we have enough for a complete circle and this will greatly improve our show layouts, for two reasons:
– The trains will be able to operate more smoothly through the larger radius turns, both in that they have less drag for longer trains and can run at higher speeds.
– The layout looks more realistic. Two concentric turns, one R72 and one R88, looks better than two R40 curves side by side.

R72 and R88 Curved Track from FX Bricks

As a side note, for those that are not familiar with the curved track nomenclature, the R stands for radius and the number is the number of studs from the centre point of the circle to the centre of the track. The following image from FX Bricks clearly shows the various possibilities, noting that the standard R40 track from LEGO is not shown. Also, it is standard practice to offset the edge of the track four (4) studs from the edge of the base plate.

FX Bricks Catalog Diagram

Christmas Train

CLTC wishes a Merry Christmas and the very best to all for 2022. Here is a quick photo of Sue’s Christmas train beneath the tree and her cat Milo watching.

Lego Set 65524 & Christmas Tree

Mike’s Emerald Night

The LEGO train locomotive The Emerald Night (set 10194), which came out in at the end of 2011, is arguably one of the finest locomotives that LEGO has produced. It is not without its flaws… but the AFOL community has worked hard on modification, which can easily be found. The Emerald Night is based on the British locomotive, the Flying Scotsman, which dates back to February 1923.

Some statistics on Mike’s train:
– One locomotive (though he has two more spares), two tenders, and 13 rolling stock.
– Total length: 153 inches (12’ 9” )  or  3.88 meters (388cm)
– Total weight of train, tenders, and carriages: 13.45 lbs or 6.10 kgs.
As part of the Calgary LEGO Train Club, this is a significant crowd pleaser when it is operating on a large track at one of our shows. Thanks Mike!

Emerald Night – 10194
MOC – Royal Post Car
MOC – Maintenance Car
MOC – Luggage Car
MOC – Royal Post Sorting Car