ACH – MineCraft 2017.11

We had another excellent event at the Alberta Children’s Hospital doing a MineCraft build and mini-show for the children there.  Pictures are attached below, but thank you to the staff who hosted us so warmly.  The LEGO prizes given to the children were cherished with huge smiles!

Alberta Children's Hospital and Starwars Meet
Alberta Children’s Hospital and Starwars Meet
Miniature "Up!" House on Waterfall
Miniature “Up!” House on Waterfall
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds

Alberta Children’s Hospital – MineCraft

We had a lovely time with many children from the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) where they hosted the Calgary LEGO Train Club in a MineCraft build. The children were both creative and skilled, building amazing creations with MineCraft centric LEGO (which is difficult as the bricks are very “blocky”). Thanks for hosting us. We had as much fun as you did!

ACH - MineCraft Build
ACH – MineCraft Build