LEGO SeaCans

Mike and others in our group have created a number of very interesting SeaCans. Much of this is based off of the SeaCans that came with the Lego Maersk Train (10219). This train was a “six stud” wide train design, which is the most popular train width, and therefore the SeaCans are also “six studs” wide.

SeaCan with Lego Shaft and Lego Hand as Handle
Variety of SeaCans

Lego Master Builder Season 3 – 2022.09.21

We at the Calgary LEGO Train Club (CLTC) are so very proud of Stephen Cassidy and Stephen Joo, Calgary Firefighters, who are on the third season of Lego Master Builder. The generously hosted a watch party at the Eau Claire theatres for several hundred of their friends and supporters… and the enthusiasm was contagious. Furthermore, both Stephens did an outstanding job entertaining the crowd both in person and on the screen.

The children in the audience asked a number of questions, and one child asked Stephen Joo what inspired him. He shared that buildings, scenery, almost anything can give him inspiration. Another child asked what his favourite build was, and he shared that one of his favorites (and his family’s favourites) was the House from the movie Up! Going through the club archives, here is a photo of it on display at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, which is another one of Stephen’s favourite display venues.


There are a few Canadian teams participating this year on Lego Master Builders, and the Canadian team from Calgary team did an outstanding job in the first episode.