Happy Canada Day!

The Calgary LEGO Train Club would like to wish everyone a happy Canada Day on July 1st. The pictures feature common celebrations found across Canada and a litte bit of our history, includng: Canada Day Pancake Breakfast, Canada Day Parade celebrating the beautiful grain cars that transport grain from our valued farmers to the world, Citizenship Day at City Hall were we welcome new Canadians, and the Last Spike… which brought unity to Canada so many years ago. Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day Parade in front of Grain Cars
Canada Day Pancake Breakfast
Citizenship at City Hall
The Last Spike

FX Bricks Update

We are thrilled with the effort that Michael Gale of FX Bricks has put into bringing metal clad L-Scale (LEGO Scale) train track back to life. For those of us the participate in train shows, battery powered trains just do not work adequately well enough for eight hour stretches.

Michael has stated that the new track will be available on March 1st, 2021. Check out his debut video, in which he also provides an excellent history on LEGO trains.

LEGO City Downtown & LEDs

One of our members, Amir, has been working diligently on using LEDs and Arduino single board computers to enhance the LEGO City display he has in his basement. The street lights are tied to a photo cell and come on automatically when there is low ambient light. It looks amazing.

LEGO City at Night

One of the other fascinating technologies that Amir has used, which is perfect for the Diner, is Light Wire, or more properly called EL Wire, and first was used in the car scene to light up interior dashboards. One can find this on Amazon and other locations by searching for Light Wire or EL Wire. in Amazon, you can find all products. You get a large array of different lights one meter in length.

Diner with “EL Wire”.