Heritage Park Ghouls’ Night Out 2023

Approximately 6000 people enjoyed Heritage Park’s Ghouls’ Night Out and the Calgary LEGO Train Club was thrilled to partner with Heritage Park on this exceptionally fun event.

The event occurred during the evenings of the Halloween weekend on Halloween Weekend October 27 to 29, 2023.

For more information check out: https://heritagepark.ca/ghouls-night-out/

Heritage Park Railway Days 2023

The Calgary LEGO Train Club was thrilled to partner again with Heritage Park and celebrate Railway Days. An excellent weekend with beautiful weather to be thankful for trains, which played a significant part in bringing unity to our wonderful country.

We were fortunate to have an entire celebration tent for our layout, which was our biggest yet for length of track. Thought not as tightly filled in as past shows have been, the long track allowed for many trains to be running simultaneously.

The airport by Amir was outstanding and a crowd favourite, with exceptional attention paid to the detail in the Airport Terminal. Rudy brought his treasured 1980’s vintage locomotive, set 7715 and put it on display beside the commemorative 7810 / 40370 set. Adam has posted some great video’s on Adam’s Brick Junction. We made excellent use of FX Bricks large radius curved track so that the track looked real and the trains ran smooth at quick speeds. Peter did a wonderful job building Alcatraz with functioning jail doors.

A great weekend!