Emerald Night Connecting Rods

The Emerald Night, LEGO® CREATOR Expert set 10194, is a favorite among LEGO Train fans… definitely in the top ten and maybe even the all time favorite to date as a set. There are a few minor flaws that have been discovered in this sets design, including the piston push rod support, the rear floating wheel set and the motor gear support; these were listed in the excellent magazine RailBricks.

As our club uses many of our locomotives at Train Shows where we run through other people’s displays, we have a standard that trains are to be less than ten studs wide. The Emerald Night is exactly ten studs wide, but when station platforms have a ten stud gap, there is not sufficient tolerance for the trains to pass through the station reliably. Additionally, the Emerald Night looks bulky with traditional Technic based connecting rods.

With advances in 3D printing, we took it upon ourselves as a club to come up with a push rod design that we could 3D print. Information can be found on Thingiverse. We are very pleased with how this turned out and are looking foreward to post COVID-19 where we can try it out at a Train Show.

SuperTrain 2018

Another excellent year at SuperTrain. The venue was wonderful, this year Canada’s Largest Model Train Show… and a great opportunity to show off LEGO as a fun way to enjoy model trains.

SuperTrain 2018
SuperTrain 2018

SuperTrain 2018 also had excellent attendance – 11,430 tickets issued this year which is up from 10,907 issued last year in 2017.  Of the 11,430 tickets, 7012 were adults and 4418 were children.

The Calgary LEGO Train Club was also very pleased to win two awards this year:  People’s Choice and Best Fun Display!