Daryl Faulkner – Outstanding MOCs

Daryl is a “huge” MOC builder… and that can be taken in every sense of the word huge. He is a big fan, since he was young… and he builds big with few constraints. Some of his best builds are Calgary landmark buildings, including the Hyatt Hotel in Calgary and the Lougheed Building.

Stephen Joo – Outstanding MOCs

Stephen shared with the group that, “I felt like one of my most unique builds is my fully function LEGO apron made out of 100% genuine LEGO parts. It’s pictured in both images. In the first image there are a couple of other MOCs. My maxi-fig firefighter, my upscaled 2×4 Phyllis from the LEGO Batman movie, and my forced perspective Wizard of Oz diorama (likely my all time favourite MOC).” I can state unequivocally that Stephen’s unique apron is a huge hit at every LEGO show we participate in.

Heritage Park Ghouls’ Night Out 2023

Approximately 6000 people enjoyed Heritage Park’s Ghouls’ Night Out and the Calgary LEGO Train Club was thrilled to partner with Heritage Park on this exceptionally fun event.

The event occurred during the evenings of the Halloween weekend on Halloween Weekend October 27 to 29, 2023.

For more information check out: https://heritagepark.ca/ghouls-night-out/