Banff Cave & Basin Canada 150

The Banff Cave and Basin were very gracious hosts to the Calgary LEGO Train Club this weekend as we celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday as well as celebrated how the intercontentatnal railway brought unity to our wonderful country.

SuperTrain 2017

Two members representing the LEGO City of Tomorrow were in attendance this past weekend at SuperTrain 2017 waiting on the LRT platform at the Calgary LEGO Train Club’s display for the next LRT train.  As one can see, the end of the train is just pulling out of the station on the right; it might be a long wait… but a good time for these two to collaborate and discuss future plans for the LEGO City of Tomorrow.

A great show with excellent attendance.  Thanks to the organizers, and all who participated.

Lego City of Tomorrow - SuperTrain 2017
Lego City of Tomorrow – SuperTrain 2017