SilverSprings LEGO Show

Thank you again to the team at the SilverSprings Community Association for inviting us to participate in the LEGO show today.  It was an excellent show with outstanding participation from many young builders (and some outstanding Adult entries as well).

The LEGO train display on the community hall stage was a huge hit with adults and children alike.  As well, the LEGO framed drive-in movie theatre, noting that most of the children do not even know what a drive in theatre is ;-), was outstanding… as was the name – Silver Springs Silver Screen!

Silver Springs LEGO Show
Silver Springs LEGO Show
Thomas' Millenium Falcon
Thomas’ Millenium Falcon
Stephen's Miniature Up House
Stephen’s Miniature Up House
Ben's UFO
Ben’s UFO
Jonah's Architecture
Jonah’s Architecture

ACH – MineCraft 2017.11

We had another excellent event at the Alberta Children’s Hospital doing a MineCraft build and mini-show for the children there.  Pictures are attached below, but thank you to the staff who hosted us so warmly.  The LEGO prizes given to the children were cherished with huge smiles!

Alberta Children's Hospital and Starwars Meet
Alberta Children’s Hospital and Starwars Meet
Miniature "Up!" House on Waterfall
Miniature “Up!” House on Waterfall
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds
MineCraft Builds