Alberta Children’s Hospital

We had the honour today to setup a small display in the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary to display a LEGO® facsimile of the hospital.  In typical youthful style, there were many other “characters” added to the display… many of which were Marvel SuperHero’s!

Thanks so very much to the excellent staff at the hospital who do such a great work… and for the opportunity to display.

The following is a photo of the display window, which is located on the fourth floor.

LEGO Children's Hospital
A village display at the ACH of a LEGO Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Who

One of our members, who is both a fan of British steam locomotives as well as Dr. Who, has created this minifig of David Tennant.

Blue pinstriped suit, red tie, brown trench coat. He wears glasses, but there is not a good reference picture of him with the glasses. The suit body came from a train conductor / official. I had to erase the logo from his suit (seriously).  The hair is from “the sleepy boy” from the minifig series six (The pyjamas from this boy are the ones Emmet is wearing in the movie in case you are wanting to make an exercise-Emmet).  The blue arms, naturally, had to be swapped out for brown ones seeings how he is wearing a trench coat.  And the head, I don’t know where I got the head from!  Oh, and the trench coat – I was after brown fabric and I noticed that one of the Superman minifigs came with a brown cape, so I took the cape and modified it. I had to cut off the “head attachment” part of it, give it a collar then made openings for the arms. Luckily the cape was large enough to make into a full length trench coat.

A LEGO version of Dr. Who
A LEGO version of Dr. Who
Dr. Who – David Tennant