Fire Station

Inspired loosely by Calgary’s historic Fire Station #1, I built a similar building with four bays for fire trucks. Constrained by a 48×48 stud base plate, the building is as large as I could make it and yet still keep it proportionally correct. A few items of interest:

  • The pillars that are white to support the roll up door are offset by 1/2 of a stud, making it so that they provide a slight contrast to the red wall in front.
  • If you look deep into the fire hall on the second floor, there are two original mini figs from the 1975 vintage fire truck LEGO set (485 in the US and 693 in Europe).
  • It will be difficult to see, but I forgot the helicopter in the back of the fire hall!

The set is on display in the Calgary Chinook Centre LEGO Store until about mid August 2015, and then will be used for Heritage Park Railway Days at the end of September.

Fire Station
Fire Station on display at the LEGO Store at Chinook Centre in Calgary.